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In the dynamic world of aerospace, contractors — primary and subs alike — need high-quality, dependable components. At ATF Aerospace, we don’t just supply; we partner with you, ensuring excellence at every procurement stage. Our unwavering commitment to quality and our vast product range make us the first choice of aerospace manufactured parts for procurement and supply chain leaders.


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Philadelphia Office (Sales Office)
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Our Products

Fasteners & Bolts:
Strengthening Aerospace Foundations

Every aircraft, satellite, or space vehicle depends on robust fasteners and bolts that meet the stringent aerospace standards. Whether you need the robustness of HI-LOK COLLARS or the adaptability of FLEXLOC®, our fasteners stand up to terrestrial and extraterrestrial challenges.

Pins, Rings & Springs:
Delivering Precision and Strength

Aerospace designs require components that combine strength with precision. Our pins, from CLEVIS PINS to SPRING PIN HINGES, guarantee secure connections. Our RETAINING RINGS offer resilience, and our COMPRESSION SPRINGS provide flexibility, showcasing our commitment to superior functionality.

Seals, Gaskets & Fittings:
Guaranteeing Safety and Integrity

In aerospace, the quality of each seal and gasket can determine success. We manufacture our BUSHINGS, CAPLUGS, and GASKETS with utmost precision, ensuring each component’s integrity even under extreme conditions. Trust our fittings, from HYDRAULIC to SHIMS, to prioritize safety and durability.

Miscellaneous Hardware:
Meeting Diverse Needs

We cater to all your requirements with our wide range of miscellaneous hardware. Whether you seek the durability of HOSE ASSEMBLIES, the versatility of CONNECTORS, or the efficiency of TIE WRAPS, you’ll find the ideal component in our catalog.

Elevating Aerospace Innovation

ATF Aerospace, in collaboration with Böllhoff USA, offers advanced fastening and joining solutions for the aerospace industry. Our selection, including RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts, ensures superior quality and performance. Trust Böllhoff USA products at ATF Aerospace for cutting-edge aerospace technology.

Our Mission

The ATF mission is to provide products and services that consistently exceed the quality requirements and delivery expectations of our customers. We are committed to continuous quality improvement throughout our organization.

Why Partner with ATF Aerospace?

As both a manufacturer and distributor, ATF streamlines your supply chain. And as a small business, we are able to position ourselves to meet your needs, including faster delivery times, reduced lead times, and responsive customer service.

Our leading position in aerospace manufacturing stems from more than our product quality. It grows from our strong client relationships. We prioritize your needs, always standing by to support RFQs, BIDs, LTA’s, or program pricing. We navigate the intricacies of the aerospace sector, aiming to cut down your procurement costs with our expertise in product sourcing, inventory management, and quality assurance.

At the heart of our strong relationships lies robust communication.

In a sector where precision, reliability, and promptness matter, choose ATF Aerospace as your trusted ally. Our extensive product range, combined with our dedication to quality and client satisfaction, sets us apart as the top choice for aerospace professionals globally.

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